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A day in the life of a modern artist - is the Official Online Art Gallery for Eric Siebenthal. Painting is a passion, an addiction that will not be easily overthrown.
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In the Eye of the Vivid - Fluid Acrylic Art by Eric Siebenthal -

A day in the life of a modern artist

I have no idea how to blog.!  What in the heck is a blog..?  It seems the time to join the masses and get into the blogosphere was quite awhile ago, oh well.  Being able to communicate with people is apparently normal behavior!?  Wow, who would’ve thunk it.  Possibly just another part of the modern day business anymore..? Yes?  Anyway, idk here’s a few new paintings drying in the studio.  They’re not the typical, canvas seemed a bit boring last night, yet painting had to happen so…  One is painted on a circle foam typically used under a water heater.  The other is recycled pallets screwed together.  Lastly my trusty painting table which may now be unusable, as I don’t know if I will be able to paint over it as I typically would’ve when horsing around and bored.  I really like this painting.  Already named it, “In the Eye of the Vivid”.