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Acrylicmind | Typical day in the studio - Eric Siebenthal -
Typical day in the studio - is the Official Online Art Gallery for Eric Siebenthal. Painting is a passion, an addiction that will not be easily overthrown.
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Typical day in the studio - Abstract Art by Eric Siebenthal -

Typical day in the studio

Typical day in the Studio,

Just about killed myself here. Paint drains off all edges and cracks of the paint tables. It makes for an interesting stroll around the studio, especially if you’re not expecting to do the splits and land butt first in paint. It gets slippery… A horizontal painters hazard I guess.


New Painting…  “Midnight’s Bliss”  Washed about 5 paintings off the canvas before finding what I was looking for.  This style of painting at times seems easy,.. at other times it seems freaking impossible and is extremely frustrating.  Acrylic, Water, and Enamel.
 Midnights Bliss - Abstract Art by Eric Siebenthal -